Changing Habits

We often rely on will power to improve our eating habits ....and we often fail. Discover a more successful approach to changing habits for life!

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Setting SMART Goals

A brief guide to setting smarter goals for changing eating habits and achieving success.

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Immunity Facts

No one nutrient will protect you from Covid or any other virus BUT what YOU eat and drink affects how well your immune system works

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Guide To Portion Size

Portion size is a topical issue & ‘portion distortion’ has been blamed for rising levels of overweight & obesity. But is this true? Have portions got bigger & what is a portion anyway?

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Eating For Lockdown

Isolation over the long dark winter months could challenge even the best of us. Eating & drinking as well as you can will help to keep your body, mind, and mood all in great shape.

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Menopause Nutrition

The menopause is an ideal time to take stock of eating habits & lifestyle, & begin make some gradual changes to help ensure the best health possible during these years of change.

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Want help to improve your eating & lifestyle?

We offer practical workshops on Portion Distortion - Taking Back Control, Working from Home and The Menopause Makeover

 plus a range of other topics

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Coffee & Health

Coffee often has a bad image but does it deserve it? Explore vital statistics & discover fun facts about one of the nations favourite drinks. 

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Getting D Facts

Vitamin D is vital for great health, but most of us simply don't get enough. Read this free resource to find out what you can do to help boost intake.

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Skin Facts

The skin is our largest organ & is completely replaced every 7 days. Beauty starts from within & eating well will help to keep your skin in tip top condition. 

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